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Welcome to the Guidance Wing

The School Counseling Department at Phillipsburg Middle School is dedicated to providing comprehensive and developmentally appropriate school counseling services focused on the academic, career, and social/personal development of all students in our school community.  School counselors assume the critical role as student advocates to advance students’ interests in achievement across these domains, while providing supportive interventions to students in meeting the challenges of this critical developmental period.
Guidance Staff:
Mrs. Sickels- Guidance Office Secretary
(908) 454-3400 ext. 6030
Ms. Rautenberg- School Counselor
(908) 454-3400 ext. 6032
Mrs. Andrews- School Counselor
(908) 454-3400 ext. 6031
Mrs. Minaya Luna- School Counselor
(908) 454-3400 ext. 6034
If your child has been absent for three or more consecutive days, a request can be made through the Guidance Office Secretary, Mrs. Sickels, at (908) 454-3400, ext. 6030, or by emailing her at [email protected].

Please allow 24 hours for the homework to be ready before pick up.