Positive Connections

If you are looking for someone with whom your child can share their thoughts and feelings with confidentially, please reach out to your child’s counselor, or suggest they reach out to us. We are all available via email and by phone (908) 454-3400:


                             [email protected]            Ext. 6031

                             [email protected]          Ext. 6032

                             [email protected]       Ext. 6034 (English and/y español)

                             [email protected]              Ext. 6063

                             [email protected]                  Ext. 6064

                             [email protected]        Ext/ 6065


The links below have been shared to assist our students in re-centering, refocusing, and emotionally regulating themselves. Try one or try them all!

How to make a Calming Bottle

1. Find a clean, clear plastic or glass bottle.
2. Fill the bottle half way with warm water.
3. Add glitter, sequins, beads or tiny toys.
4. Fill the bottle all the way to the top with liquid soap.
5. Place the lid on the top and seal the lid with glue or a glue gun.
6. Once glue is dry, you are ready to have fun flipping it and shaking it!