Coping During Quarantine

Some of you may be enjoying this time at home while others may be wishing things could just go back to “normal.”  No matter which is true for you, the bottom line is that we are all faced with circumstances that are new, troubling, and beyond our control. These conditions may lead to sadness, anger, hopelessness, or despair.


To help you cope through these trying times, we will be posting various links that may offer you a break from these negative emotions and help to provide you some peace, hope, and encouragement. 

Please remember we are all in this together. If you are struggling during these uncertain and stressful times, please reach out to your counselor. We are all available via email:

How to make a Calming Bottle

1. Find a clean, clear plastic or glass bottle.
2. Fill the bottle half way with warm water.
3. Add glitter, sequins, beads or tiny toys.
4. Fill the bottle all the way to the top with liquid soap.
5. Place the lid on the top and seal the lid with glue or a glue gun.
6. Once glue is dry, you are ready to have fun flipping it and shaking it!