Counseling and Wellness- S.H.A.R.P.

SHARP is a Student Assistance Program that includes Student Assistance Counselors who address both substance abuse and mental health concerns in our student community. 
Prevention, early identification, and intervention services for substance abuse and mental health concerns are provided to all students who are in need of such support. 
Student Assistance Counselors and School Based Youth Services Counselors provide confidential counseling and help students and their families obtain additional treatment services in the community, when required. 
Referral to the SHARP/SBYS Program can be made by the students themselves, staff, parents, or by other concerned individuals. Referrals and concerns should be directed the the student’s school counselor.
School Based Youth Services Counselors (SBYS): 
Michelle Davis
(908) 454-3400 ext. 6063
Erica Gracia Cedeno
(908) 454-3400 ext. 6065
Megan Flynn (Youth Development Specialist)
(908) 454-3400 ext. 6061
Jodie Garvey (APPI Coordinator)
(908) 454-3400 ext. 6064
Middle School Guidance Counselors:
Sharon Andrews
(908) 454-3400 ext. 6031
Susan Rautenberg
(908) 454-3400 ext. 6032

Student Assistance Counselors (SAC):

Amy Craig
“Recovery is a process that requires time, patience, commitment, and HOPE that things can get better.”  

“Our Counseling Programs offer restored mental and emotional health, clear thinking, and personal growth.”